• Heritage Tours
    1. A Day Amongst the Roses, Jabel al Ahkdar

    Learn the art of creating this ancient heritage product, famed amongst the region for its authentic smoky flavors sought after for cooking and cosmetics.


    1. Jabel Carpets – the Art of the Omani Carpet

    The Al Abri family throughout the generations have been an integral part of the handicraft industry in Oman, producing Jabel Carpets.  From the herd of sheep to a colourful memory of Oman on your floor you can experience the full journey.


    1. Pottery Craft – The finesse of the Bahla pots.

    From water storage pots, to the large Date stores the art of pottery has been a long tradition amongst the men of the region.  The local pottery famous throughout the country and an important part of food and water storage for thousands of years.


    1. The trusty Camel - Camel Racing

    The camel is a large part of life in Oman, from transport to breeding, beauty contests and the races!  Join us as we explore the camels and get to know them